Feb 8, 2010

Baby Nataël: A new little Prince

Welcome to one of my best friend’s newborn, tiny Nataël born 1 month and a half early. Absolutely beautiful, healthy
despite a little adjustment needed. Born 10 days ago to unsuspecting parents!
He’s struggling a little with his weight but nothing serious. Has little
wardrobe issues! Everything is way to big. I’ve been making a few things for
him, and his mum, recently.

A note on how helpful Bach Remedy flowers
can be in this kind of situations. My
friend is taking
a selection of the Rescue Remedy, Star of Bethlehem, Mustard, Red
Chestut, Walnut, and Impatiens. She will prepare a little glass every day with
4 drops of Rescue Remedy and 2 drops of each other flower.

Here are the posts on my “Piece Unique” blog with
pictures of the creations for the little one:

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