Oct 3, 2009

Textile collection

I am not as organised as I'd like to be, but this kind of image is "music" to my eyes (!).

A small portion of my textile collection, fairly neatly folded and stored and accessible on its shelf....


  1. I really like your work. What is your favorite sustainable fashion habit?

  2. It has to be making a clever use of one's out-of-fashion clothes by either re-using them (customising, transforming), giving them to charity, or to a creative friend - that's my biggest source of fabric.
    Thanks for your thumbs up! Check back in a couple of weeks when I hope to have created some interesting new clothing using the mountain of donated clothing I've received recently!

  3. hi hi hi ! j'en ai que la moitié par contre en laine oui ça doit étre pareil !
    je fait le tour de ton blog pour voir ce qui me plait comme tu me la dit !
    je suis obéissante

  4. Nous autres les collectionneuses! plus le temps passe et plus les collections grandissent...



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