Oct 6, 2009

Our summer picknick blanket


This was a quickly completed home project, by special request from my husband! 
It's entirely hand stitched. 
I used a thick whoolen blanket, and a floral sheet which I had picked up at a local carboot sale. 
I folded the sides of the sheet over the blanket, and started handstitching the patchwork motif randomely.

We used this blanket a bit in the summer, but didn't get many chances of picknicks as my husband works in the catering industry; summer is usually his busiest worktime. But it came in handy many times for our baby, especially at the crawling around stage, to put on top of the carpet to stop him from roughing his knees up too much, or outside on the grass when he was at the stage of wanting to taste every bit of grass or pebbles he came across. 

Recently it become a handy sofa cover. It protects the sofa from domestic hasards - mostly sticky baby fingers...

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