Oct 9, 2009

Art doll number 1 - Ballerina - In the making, first stage

I love working with jersey fabric, especially when I use second hand tees with interesting colours or prints, and which are either not a very nice cut in their former tee-shirt form, or too stained / difformed to be used as such any more.

Here's my first attempt at making a character from recycled tees.
I used one full man's tee-shirt for the initial shape, using a lot of knotting, cutting and stitching.

 The legs come from the sleeves of a tee-shirt I bought at a carboot sale in June. I liked the tee-shirt initially but it didn't really suit me. I've been chopping bits off it, and am now left with a more wearable sleeveless tee, without the awful print which was stitched on it. That I'm wearing right now. The sleeves have made lovely striped legs for my character.

Check out pictures of the first couple hours of work, from the very basic shape, to the addition of the shaped legs. Come back to see how it progresses tomorrow.

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