Jun 24, 2011

Baby bloomers - little patchwork waistcoat

[ S a n j i   B l o o m e r s   -   f o r    S a n j i ]
 Early May I made my first pair of baby bloomers, in size 3-12 months – tested on my little one Sanji as pictured to the left – in red and white stripe.
After a while, I added a circle on the left side, in black and white stripes. 

[ S a n j i   B l o o m e r s   -   f o r   I s i s ]    f r o n t
[ S a n j i   B l o o m e r s   -   f o r   I s i s ]    b a c k 

 I’ve just finished my second pair in size 1 to 2 years, using yellow cotton. This is a prototype version which I’ve given to a friend of mine this evening, to test run on one of her little twin girls. I already know which alterations I’ll be making to my next pair!

[ I s i s    w a i s t c o a t   -   f o r   R o m a n e ]   f r o n t
[ I s i s    w a i s t c o a t   -   f o r   R o m a n e ]   b a c k

... just as not to be unfair to one of the little twin girls, I’ve made up a little waistcoat for her, which will take the name of “Isis waistcoat” after one of the twins. An alternative to “Lilou coat” with sleeves and collar! 


Now I am going to have to think about a piece of garment that I could name after Little Ms Romane! 
I would LOVE ideas or suggestions :)


And finally, just by coincidence, my son Dazaï, nearly 3, asked to try the bloomers and the waistcoat just as we were about to leave the house to take his little brother to the Doctors yesterday. 

I didn't see why not, despite the fact that they are both a 2 year old size.
This is how he was dressed to go to our local practice! 

He reminded me of a little medieval character.

After "rejecting" the Lilou coat that I made for him, he's asked me for a pair of bloomers and a waistcoat (with one button pleas Mum), which I'm hoping to make on Sunday for him ...

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