Jun 1, 2011

BABY bibs / BAVOIRS - new designs... plate and cutlery, cherries, Miam ...

It's COLD here today! 
My toddler is crawling around the floor, and moaning a lot!
I am sewing, sewing, sewing!!!
After a Lilou coat phase,
baby bib production time again!!!

More detailed pictures available to browse on Etsy

[   P o w e r   t o     t h e     f o o d    ]                    Size 3 +
S o l d    /    V e n d u

[   P l a t e    a n d     c u t l e r y   ] size 6-18 months

[  C h e r r i e s  ]     size 6-18 months

[    M I A M   ]      size 6-18 months


  1. I like your bib designs, they are really simple. Did ever consider using snap buttons as a closure for the bibs?


  2. Hi Angela, I'm sorry for the late reply yes you are right absolutely Snap Buttons are definitely an option for my bibs! I have looked into some but not made the decision as of yet, something to add to my list for sure! Thanks for looking into my blog and please come back as it is slightly forgotten, but not abandonned !!!
    Best, Sheshanna



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