May 5, 2011

Lilou coat for toddler age 2 to 3, "Purple Delight"

From trousers … to Lilou coat
I’m working on new Lilou coat designs.
Taking inspiration from the fabric that I choose.
In this case, a pair of wide legged trousers in need of a conversion.
Also, strips of this floral duvet cover – too big for my duvet.
I love this floral fabric! It’s Laura Ashley 70s in my opinion.
And for a touch of contrast, some darker blue Fairtrade cotton.
The “Purple Delight” Lilou coat is available in my Etsy shop HERE.

... this coat is modelled on my son Dazaï 33 months old.


  1. Your lilou coat is great! Dazai is such an adorable model!

  2. I think I can't have him modelling size 1 to 2 years anymore, but for his age-size and when he's being cooperative - which is most of the time luckily - then he IS great!
    Thanks Lynne :)



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