Apr 15, 2011

People Tree Fair Trade fashion company, photoshoot in South of France

A few years back, I was living in East London with my now-husband, working for People Tree, a pioneering Fairtrade company working with small producer groups in over 30 countries, implementing fairer prices, deadlines, and generally, life conditions, for many people in developing countries.

Safia, who initially founded the company in Japan, is so taken by our area that she’s been coming back every year for the catalogue photo shoot since autumn 2004.
Since I’m now living here, I’m a point of contact for People Tree to do some preparation work, think up new places to take the pictures in, help with some of the organisation side. My mother is also part of the fun as she runs a B&B in the lovely little village where I grew up, namely Saint-Privat. 

With my two little ones, I couldn’t be too involved on the actual shoot this time. Not easy keeping in focus when you have a dynamic 2 ½ year-old and a lovely but also demanding 6 month old. I didn’t get to see much of the whole thing, or even the new collection, to say the truth. However I spent an hour with the team on Tuesday when the pictures were being taken in the little church in my village. Finally I managed to zap out my camera and snap a few shots of my own!

Safia wrote a blog post about the 5 day stay here. If you take a look, you’ll notice that the boys are standing in front of one of my art projects from… well, nearly 15 years ago – a 4 meter high tent made from clothes patched together, and opening down the front with a single row of buttons. It’s lovely to see it finally out of the bag it’s been stored away in, having a good outing and being pictured for a good use. I wish I could put it up in my own garden. But it’s way too windy at times here !!!

Here are my snaps, I’m afraid it revolved a lot around my little baba Sanji. 

Who could resist such a cheeky little grin???

Gail and Sanji
John and Sanji

The Church is being refurbished, but wait till you see the inside !!!

Inside beautiful tall ceilings and fresque paintings

And an amazing stone arch

 I’m looking forward to seeing the new catalogue and finding out which locations I can recognise, 
and if I can spot the patchwork blankets – and the tent – that were used as props!

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