Apr 29, 2011

Lilou coat, I call it the "Midnight Garden"

… and so I am very proud with my latest creation. 

The base colours here are green blue and grey. I’ve added further tones of blues, and some yellow through the stitching. For a bit of chuppaz, a vivid purple cotton lining!!! Buttons up front, loops are elasticated.
I wonder if anyone else loves it as much as I do?

This coat is a size 2-3 years, modelled here by my son Dazaï 33 months old, a tall nearly-3-year old who should really be wearing size 3-4 years - that I'm working on, the first version is halfway done!


  1. Sheshanna, these wee coats are so gorgeous! As for your wee model, he's truly beautiful. Or perhaps now he's older it should be "handsome"!!!

  2. Thanks Lois!

    Oooh it's the first time Dazaï's being called handsome! He is fast growing! It's not easy to get him to model at times: he declined this afternoon when a customer came over, I couldn't force him though could I?



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