Apr 5, 2011

Home fixing projects

I got fed up of putting our own home repairs on the side so have been tackling a few jobs :

First up, my 32 month old boy Dazaï - trousers in need of patches to cover up holes. 

Tweed patches for Dazaï
A bit of a nautical feel
This green tee-shirt (below) is a hand-me-down with previous owner's name initially on the back.
After a few people had called my son by the wrong name, I decide to merge two tees in to one.
The green one is the right size, the yellow one has the right name on it !

Then a few hubby repairs.
Lots of holes to be fixed and stains to be covered up.
He's not very careful with his clothes and wears them to death.
Here I come in with my beloved patches !!!

Another tweed patch

The pocket on the left comes from another pair of jeans.

Same as for previously picutred pair of jeans.
My 5 1/2 monthl old boy Sanji:
His problem : totally unremovable stains.
The solution used here, a patch (!) in organic jersey cotton

It sneaks up on the side

... and covers the stain nicely on the back
Finally, our outdoors dog Sheeva.
Her bedding was in dire need of some upgrading.
I made a big cushion shape, stuffed with fabric and thread remnants.

I've included a handle so that when I want to shake it out I can hang it up easily.

And here she is enjoying the new plump-ness !!!

The seal of approval !!!

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