Oct 23, 2009

Art doll number 6 - In the making - Very first stage

I've started working on my sixth textile doll.

This time I'm recycling a beige stretchy fabric from a Kookaï jumper a friend gave to me. It was too small for me, and not my style. I'm also using my newly repaired overlocker to fashion the general shapes. Details will be handstitched.

I'm really looking forward to working on this doll. I'm certainly more inspired then with the previous one. 

I have to apologise however for the quality of the pictures. My first excuse is that I never find the time during the day, as I'm very taking by looking after my toddler and puppy Sheeva. 
Secondly, I'm planning on making a lightbox in the not too distant future. That should help quite a bit!

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