May 17, 2010

Sewing quite a bit

Busy times at the moment!

Since my husband broke his collarbone nearly three weeks ago I've been juggling with the household/ shopping / cooking / toddler / trying to start a new job / early stages of pregnancy. It's been a tad too hectic at times. 

... But ... my husband is getting better; pregnancy progressing nicely (nearly 4 months in so the nausea and tiredness is slowly giving way to some renewed energy, "baby 2" is 10cm already); our toddler is happily learning new words; and I've managed to do a bit of creative sewing recently, since deciding not to take on the 25 hour job I was trying to fit in to my schedule. Too bad for the money, I'll just have to make it up with my sewing!!!

So here's the part where I plug for my recent work: 

Have a look at my sewing blog or my Etsy shop if you are looking for anything special for yourself or someone you love!!!

I hope you like what you see 

and thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Really nice article. Just loved it & I enjoyed reading it a lot. Thanks for sharing. Hope your husband gets well completely as early as possible.God bless.

  2. Ah thanks it's nice to share things !
    I don't post so often but it always feels good!



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