Mar 5, 2010

Pièce Unique’s first blog GIVEAWAY

What is this?

As this is my first GIVEAWAY I’ve decided to give the winner the choice of his/her favorite item out of all my creations available on my Etsy shop. Worldwide entries welcome.
How does it work ?

Just send me an email with your three favourite pieces, without any price restriction. If I ask for 3 products, it’s just in case your number one got sold by the time the winning results are out. Check out conditions below.

How to enter

Click on the following link to my Etsy shop. Look through the various sections on the right : Baby blankets; Baby N Toddler clothing; Womens clothing; Textile jewellery; Dolls and Objects; and Home and Decor.

1)     Copy the title of you three favourite items, in the order that you prefer them, and send an email to with the title :

« Enter me in Pièce Unique’s first blog giveaway»

In the body of the email, 
enter your first name and surname, 
email address, 
postal address, 
and three choices.

2)     Checkout my blog and leave a comment or follow the blog. This is not an obligation, but it’s always nice to get some extra support! 

3)     Forward to anyone who might be interested. 

4)     DEADLINE : Tuesday 9th March 2010, midnight. I will choose the winner with the old fashioned method of putting the names in a hat, and post the result on my blog at the latest by Saturday 13th March. I will post the parcel on Monday 15th after confirming with the happy winner.


If your name comes out, your notification email might land in your spam box, and if you don’t check it regularly, you will not get your email. To avoid this, just add the email to your contact list so that the messages arrive straight in your inbox.


  1. Thanks for stopping by and I am following you!
    Have a great week,

  2. I love your shop. You do beautiful work!

  3. Thanks Dina-Marie!

    Merci Christine, et puis j'ai vu que ta piece preferee c'est le NO TV cover alors voila tu es inscrite pour le tirage au sort. Bonne chance!

  4. Hi Angela, thanks for your comment!
    I had a great time looking at your little one's pictures. He's just a little older then mine!

  5. Hi Sheshanna,

    Thanks for the note and telling me you had your giveaway, hope i didn't miss it! I love love love the cow in the yellow field (or meadow?) blanket, next I love the other blanket with the cat on a landscape, and finally I think that little toddler jacket is pretty cute! Would love a chance to win. Thanks for showcasing all your gorgeous stuff! xo Meagan.

  6. Hi Meagan, you are in too! Wishing you the best of luck, I love your first choice very much too!



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