Mar 10, 2010

Angry with self – loosing a banknote

I cannot
believe how unlucky we are with money and it’s been going on since the Autumn. First
we lost 2 months of rent from our little village house while we were looking
for tenants.

It wasn’t lost
as the house needed some important electrical and plumbing work. The work was
finished in time for when we found our new tenants – a very young couple with a
tiny baby, no income, but whom I had a good feeling about – they seemingly fell
in love with the house and the village (the house is in the heart of the
village). A positive issue to work which ended up costing the equivalent of two
months of our own rent...

In December,
Hubby dear had money held back on his wages, to pay for wines he’d purchased
through his work since the summer. That was equivalent to another month of our

Then came the
tax bill for the house we live in – another months rent...

And that’s ONLY
for the biggies...

I’ve used up
most of my savings just to stay in the green, which is quite dispiriting to say
the least.

But just to top
this, I’ve lost a banknote, and not a little one – 100 euros!!! I’ve been
looking everywhere, wracking my brain, searching the same  places over and over again, to no luck, for
the last three days. I’m thinking about a cut-off point when I just write it
off and move on to something else. Ahem that’s what I did about my ID card over
a year ago in the hope I’d stumble on it at some point. Guess what, still haven’t!

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