Feb 13, 2010

Work overload

It's been really cold here recently - for South of France - and my 18 month-old is more and more "reckless". He loves climbing on chairs, and of course from there onto tables, desks, any higher surface is a fantastic attraction to him. It's getting harder and harder to find precious little time to do anything else then be right behind him! He's had a few accidents over the last few days. Roughly one a day! The scarriest was when he bounced back against the living room side table - teeth first - and started bleeding. I know every parent goes through those frights. I don't think they make them any easier! It was nothing serious thankfully. I did feel bad though as I was lying down on the sofa and half asleep.

He's also experimenting with new words which is VERY exciting! It's roughly one a day since a week.
Last night my husband and myself were invited for a meal at my husbands previous work place, in the village. We had a great meal with paired wines, from a local wine producer. My Dad came over to look after our son. He's got a few younger girls (17, 11 and 9) so enjoyed the evening "out" and found our little one very cooperative!

Hubbies restaurant plans still "in progress". But what I was dreading is happening: when he doesn't have the regularity of an everyday job, he looses his drive, and doesn't have a very good sense of everyday routine, especially with a little one. Means I have to nag A LOT to get him to do the slightest thing. Just exhausting - at times.

On the bright(er) side a friend of mine has just purchased a couple of my baby blankets, and I think I might have a couple of other sales in the next few days. One order for baby bunting, and possibly a blanket for a soon-to-be-born baby in the village, to a lovely like-minded couple of our age - we are in our early thirties -.

Provided I find a little more time to do some work, I am still hopefull that I can increase the number of sales of my textile creations. I must say it was a little shock when my son's daycare lady reminded me a couple of days ago that she doesn't work over the kids holidays. So she's off for two weeks and off go the precious two mornings of work freedom I had! I'm hoping that my Mum (who's just been away for two weeks) and older sister might be able to look after him for a few hours occasionally!

For some updates on my textile work here's a link to my Pieceunique blog (Piece Unique meaning "One-off piece").

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