Feb 25, 2010

Sushi story

My (Japanese) best friend from London, and god-mother to 19 month-old
son, is coming to visit tomorrow from London. She hasn’t been over since nearly
a year and a half. Gosh won’t she find our little one changed since he was a “tiny”
3 month-old (well no he was always very big)...

She’s making us a very special treat tomorrow night for dinner. Holistic
sushi! Don’t ask, I forgot to ask how sushi can be holistic. On a similar note
we are going to try to find time to do a bit of meditation together, to help me
cope better with some of my current stresses.

As our son Dazaï is now starting to speak, in French, and my friend does
not speak many words of it, I’ve been teaching him one movement recently to
bridge the gap. He is now able to perform a “sushi roll” effortlessly. No doubt
he’ll be the only one to know about that when he starts day care in September!  Probably not the only thing, we’ll just have
to make sure he’s fluent at explaining to his little (French) pals!

So I’m dead impatient to see how the “Sushi Roll” goes down with
Godmother Saori-san!!!

I'm also looking forward to seeing Dazaï's reaction when he tastes his first sushi! Will have the camera at the ready for the occasion!

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