Feb 25, 2010

No Sushis tonight!

Big disappointment midday, when my friend from London
called to announce that her flight to Montpellier was cancelled, because some
kind of security reason. We tried finding an alternative, but the planned trip
was so short that there just wasn’t time to find a last minute solution. I’m
upset that Easyjet didn’t even have the decency to let her know in advance, so
she only found out when she arrived at the airport.

So no lovely friend, no sushi, and no showing off Dazaï’s
new sushi rolling move!!!


Also this morning my husband and his business partner
had a meeting with the mayor of the village where they are hoping to open their
restaurant. Was not all good news as apparently quite a few people are
interested in the location that they are after. They will find out more in a
week or two. It’s a bit discouraging though.

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