Feb 15, 2010

A few creative days

Well I've been positively busy with my textile work and really enjoyed making what I did! 
I've added new pictures on my creative blog Piece Unique (link on the right). 

I've kept on top of my paperwork (for the most part) and accounts. Had a couple of sales of baby blankets. 

Little one seems happy, with a (as usual) massive apetite and we've been feeding him a nice balanced diet, including humus, fresh fruit, salad, lovely baked pears...

My husband is off for a appointments with a couple of banks tomorrow to find out about loan possibilities. It's still a little premature but interesting to find out if they have any major weak points. 

I haven't tuned in to the Olympics as yet, and might not. I'm not a sports person - at all. Just sad about the accident which happened at the very start. Didn't watch the images. 

We've had beautiful sunshine today and I had a nice walk with my little boy. He was overjoyed as it hasn't been a very regular occurence with the recent cold spell!

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