Jan 31, 2010

New financial reality

Well after a few months of discussing his boredom or fedupness with his job, my husband has finally left his job, under some kind of mutual agreement with his boss. He'd been discussing leaving in April, then moved it forward to end of Feb, but things got to a head and kind of out of the blue, a couple of days ago it was over. I'm crossing fingers that he didn't underestimate the government allowance that he says he's entitled to. His wages just about paid for our monthly outgoings. Can't rely on family returning their owings to us. Luckily the little blogging work I do for his previous boss is not being affected by the situation. If the worst comes to the worst, we can leave our current house (with garden) and fall back on a little dark and dingy flat in his grandparents basement. Good to know one's options. Now it's all focuse on my husband's restaurant project. He had a very succesful meeting today with the owner of the place that they are hoping to buy in the Spring. He's away for three weeks, so not much new will happen till end of February. I do hope this project becomes a reality. The place is a beautiful stone building set near a gorgeous river with emerald blue water (no kidding) and a big stone bridge, nearby a French National Treasure Village (sorry if I'm not quite using the right words here, I sometimes struggle with my English vocabulary!). They've been researching and putting the project together for nearly 9 months, and with their combined catering experience it could really be very succesful.
More on this later. For now I just hope I can pay the rent come early February!
I'd better get my sewing skates on with my little toddler jackets. I'm still working on the pattern to get it right. The first four tries look promissing, but with one and a half year old pocking his nose absolutely everywhere, I barely manage to make one jacket a day. Oh how I wish for a little workshop!!!

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