Oct 14, 2009

Winter salad

Now that winter has suddenly leapt upon us, I'm preparing one of my winter favourites.
First off, a bit of shopping in the village market.
A medium size red cabbage, a handful of carrots, are the main veg needed.

Shred the red cabbage finally and put in a colendar in your sink, cause this can be messy. Add heavy sprinkling of salt and toss. Leave for a good half an hour.
Choose 4 or 5 carrots, peel if needed (if locally farmed, you can just wash with a vegetable brush), cut lengthwise in four, and chop in little sections.
Put the carrots in a salad bowl and pour generous amounts of your favourite oil. I use olive oil usually, with a dash of something else like walnut oil. Salt and pepper, and vinegar. Toss. This will start "cooking" the carrots. Let it work for a good half an hour.
Go back to your red cabbage and rinse off the salt. Leave to drain.
When your cabbage is properly drained, add to the carrots, with a bit more oil and vinegar. The cabbage needs to be lightly coated in the dressing.

After this make sure you stir your salad regularly. This amount will last a few days, or make a starter for a couple of meals for 4 at least. It keeps very well and gets better with time.

If you are so inclined you can add a chopped apple, onion, walnut, and dry raisins. I don't like mixing too much in this salad so I keep it really simple.

I hope you enjoy!

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